Road Team

Maryland鈥檚 Road Team is a public outreach program that represents the professional dedication and commitment to safety that Maryland truck drivers need to deliver the 403,708 tons of goods each business day to Maryland residents.

Led by a small group of Maryland professional truck drivers with superior driving skills and excellent safety records, the Maryland Road Team spreads the industry鈥檚 message of safety, essentiality, and professionalism to both young drivers new to the road and the general motoring public.

Maryland鈥檚 Road Team drivers include:

路Jimmy Carver, Collington Services;

路John Cavey, Hagerstown C.C;

路Chris Dean, UPS;

路Floyd Demby, Wal-Mart;

路Greg Melton, UPS;

路Bob Powell, Hagerstown C.C.;

路Chris Serviss, Wal-Mart;

路Gary Wilson, Fed Ex; and

路Bill Gray, UPS Freight.

If you are interested in scheduling Maryland鈥檚 Road Team for an event, please contact Lisa Holley at (410)-644-4600.